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3-Umpire Mechanics FP & SP

1-Umpire Mechanics FP & SP, 2-Umpire Mechanics FP

2-Umpire Mechanics SP

Working Parallel Lines on the Bases

Game Management with Malcolm Boyles

A YouTube tutorial on understanding the DP/Flex (from 2012 National Federation rules but rule and application for 2016 ASA unchanged)


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USA Softball umpire national tournament agreement

• USA Softball non-approved bats list last updated March 22, 2017

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Spokane Metro Softball Hall of Fame

Sanction form to put on a USA Softball of Idaho tournament

10 reasons to Play USA Softball

USA Softball Umpire Training Opportunities

A great training opportunity! 2020 USA Softball National Umpire School in Auburn, Washington, Feb. 21-23 registration form

See flyer on home page.


There's always a need for umpires. SSUA will train you for free anytime during the year. See SSUA contact information below.

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Rich Hobson, Uniforms and Equipment, 924-6531,

USA Softball National Umpire Awards Application Forms & National Tournament Contract

USA Softball of Idaho District 8 (Spokane) Umpire Program

Interested in umpiring?

There is always a need. No experience is necessary. Training is free. Get in touch with USA Softball of Idaho District 8 (Spokane) Umpire in Chief Dennis Keys at (509) 714-8373 and he can help you through the process.

2020 Spokane Softball Umpires Association contact information:

2019 SSUA Award Winners

  • Campbell-Stewart: Jeff Camp
  • Umpire of the Year-Adult: Daniel Karber
  • Umpire of the Year-Youth: Jeff Camp
  • Rookie of the Year: Mitch Burham
  • Presidential Pride: Marty Boles
  • Home Run Award: John Isles, 4th of July Shootout Umpires Memorial Tournament Director