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USA Softball of Idaho District 8 Commissioner is Jamie Stewart

USA Softball of Idaho District 8 - Spokane (formerley the Spokane Amateur Softball Association) is one of many associations in the United States serving teams/players, coaches, and umpires in the sport of Softball. USA Softball (formerly ASA) was formed in 1933 and has remained the official rules writer and interpreter for the sport of softball. USA Softball is recognized by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) as the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of softball. USA Softball conducts youth and adult softball programs in every state and virtually every city in the United States through a network of state and metro local associations. Over 245,000 teams and 3.5 million players (83,000 girls' fast pitch teams, 1.2 million girls) play USA Softball each year. USA Softball registers over 43,000 umpires each year and is known for one of the best officiating programs of any sport in the U.S.

Spokane, which used to be a "stand-alone" Metro association, in 2015 became District 8 in the USA Softball of Idaho state association.